About Us

excellence through our dedication

We are a family-owned company, committed to becoming the commercial construction company of choice. We continue to pursue excellence through our dedication, integrity, and determination, with an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely, and socially impactful projects.
Our mission is to continue to be a dynamic, dedicated team focused on providing integrity, commitment, and excellence in all the services we provide.


At Frostbuilt we have consistently proven our ability to meet deadlines and achieve project objectives, solve critical problems and prioritise crucial tasks while maintaining professional excellence.


Frostbuilt is a digital construction enabled company who is in constant pursuit of innovative solutions.

Cost Effective

Frostbuilt delivers the highest quality service at the right price. Our efficiency and innovation enable a cost effective solution.

About Us

Two brothers, surrounded by family, and a dynamic team have built an extraordinary construction company, who strives to always exceed our clients’ expectations. Our culture, structure, flexibility, and proactive approach ensures our strong track record in delivering quality projects with fast tracked programmes, remains intact. Frostbuilt delivers high quality projects with our clients. Our transparent, and honest relationships are key to our success.


"We really enjoy working with Frostbuilt, if you are looking for premium quality delivery by a family you can trust, look no further. "
Robert Del Pizzo
"I have known the Frost's for many years and have had the privilege of working with them on many of our prestigious developments."
Nathan Vincin
Cutcliffe Properties
"The Frostbuilt team are a team that can be depended on. I have benefited first hand on my projects and haven't seen such a drive for excellence elsewhere."
Timothy Shore
Macquarie Goodman